About Klick On It

It was about 10 years ago when I first envisioned the concept to offer a wide variety of services.

Back then the focus was on hardware sale and service to local and nation business and consumers.

How things have come full circle. The focus now being service and software provision with almost no links to hardware support or supply any longer.

After decades of IT experience working for some amazing companies on some amazing projects the time was right to become single minded and focused on one venture… My own…

At that time I had the opportunity to break away and started on that mission.

Only a short time in and things changed and I decided for a variety of reasons to take a back seat and travel for a year, that year become 2 and then 3… fast forward to 2015 and Klick on it  surfaced again.

Quickly realising hardware was much more a local mans game software and software support become the focus with training follow shortly there after.

That’s when klick on it began developing software for clients and consumers. There had been some provision of services for some years before but things started to take hold from 2015 on.

Strategy formulation and general guidance grew into the wider business services now offered

My core focus is an easy to consume set of software solutions and service/training products delivered seamlessly into our clients venture meeting and exceeding expectations with our sophistication and mature delivery strategy.

While I consider myself an expert in my field, I still have a lot to learn and I invite you to experience my software and services and to share with me what you think. I’d love to be your partner in your venture and your journey.

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    Klick on it moves more into the open source arena and wider training and software service business including solidity and Crypto/Blockchain technologies. You can now pay for all services with BitCoin or Ethereum. (other currencies also available just ask)


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    Growth focus in 2016 shifted more to WordPress and the provision of plugins and training services

    A wider scope of services and products was formulated and brought under the single brand Klick on it

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    As the business grew and others joined klick on it branched out into more specific software delivery…

    Starting with Quoter… A mobile app project which is a joining of existing technologies for the provision of localised services such and home and vehicle maintenance to the consumer.

    Other App project were and are always under consideration

    The App projects lead to wider projects in 2016

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    Started the provision of software and traffic services to organisations and individuals world wide.

    Klick on it rapidly became a provider of internet marketing solutions, service and training couples with strong internet traffic service products.

    Initially 10,s then 100’s and in later years 1000’s of clients flooded in with requirements from a few dollars of training to 10’s of thousands of dollars and more.

    Clients requesting a wider scope of services as each month passes.

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    Klick on it was born. Initial intend was to join forces with with a company of similar name “click on it” and Spectrum computer supplies.

    This never happened and the venture lay dormant for some time

    The odd contract was undertaken until a change in or around December 2011