WP Statistics and Analytics

Keep track of important data about your site



A WordPress site can grow in terms of users, pages and posts

Knowing the specifics can help you
Plan for future hosting upgrades
Engage with the growing user base and
know on which sites to focus your efforts

Why Choose WP Statistics and Analytics?

Ease of Use

Statistics and Analytics for WordPress integrates right into the WordPress dashboard as if it were part of WordPress.
For front end reporting a simple short code is offered so you Statistics can be displayed on any page or part of any post.

Extensible Architecture

Statistics and Analytics for WordPress was created from the ground up to be scalable, robust and reliable. Using the extensible templated architecture we will add more and more statistics our plugin (both free and Premium versions)

Real time

Our front end shortcode delivers real time data refreshed at 30 seconds intervals ensuring you are seeing the actual data from your WordPress site.

What Does Statistics and Analytics for WordPress Do?

Pages, Posts and Users

Reports on Number of Pages on you site

Dedicated admin panel

Admin panel to short your statistics available to appropriate users

Real time

Continuous refresh of front end data (delivered by shortcode) helping you keep on top of the site growth.


Enhancements planned for the future

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Additional Statistics and Analytics

Within a WordPress site there is a lot of valuable statistics needed by the Administrators. We aim to increase the availability of the most important numbers on the site.

Customised Delivery

In coming releases the delivery of Statistics and Analytics will be parameterised via the shortcode so selected data can be delivered to site visitors and admins as is appropriate.

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