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Hi, thanks for visiting!

I’m Wayne Dobson, the owner and operator of Klick-on-IT (KOI). I grew up in the UK, but have lived and worked all over the world from Europe, to Russia, to US, Australia, Thailand and China.

My interest in computers started at the age of 10 and I had my first personal computer at the age of 11. I studied computing and electronics at evening classes whilst still only part way through my secondary education. I worked in IT (initially part time) from the age of 14.

My first applications were delivered to small UK business ventures but before I reach 20 I had created software for some very large companies with thousands of employees.

I founded KOI in 2007 to bring various aspects of my work under one roof. For many years prior to 2007 I had done pretty much the same work but without any form of a brand and different clients contracted me directly or via specific contracting agencies.

Today I split my time between major projects and general development and training tasks all under the branch KOI.

Over the last 4 decades I’ve been involved in all manner of businesses and gained experience of software creation, delivery and deployment from within software houses and from industry. My experience is not limited to the sharp end of code (although I do a fair bit of that from time to time).

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So what is KOI and where did it come from…

I first got involved in the brand “Click on it” then a subsidiary of Spectrum Computer Supplies in 2005 over a decade ago.

The intent was to help the founder of Spectrum Computer Supplies and Click on it to grow and extend his business with the intent to exit within a a year or so.

Actually the entire venture was acquired by the Argos group shortly after my involvement and a spin off from the transaction was the brand and the venture “Klick on it” or KOI as I call it.

Today KOI has moved on along way and is now my major delivery vehicle for all kinds of services around the world.

If you’re looking to change your business structure, build and/or execute an exit strategy, need a rescue package for a software venture then KOI can help.

In addition if you’re a small or even a one man band wanting to build a software freelance business or work online as a solo entrepreneur I’m more than willing to engage with you as I do many 1000’s of online entrepreneurs and freelancers around the world

I guess, to be honest, if you have any software development or deployment issue or business related issue alined to IT in any way and feel you need focussed committed help contact me for an informal free consultation… I love to help…

If you’re one of the millions of people using software that works with some of KOI’s solutions then reach out to us with any Idea’s, Suggestions and Requests please let me have them on the contact us page.It would be great to hear from you.

This is not the page for detailed history…  See about klick on it and about me for that but to give you an insight on some fairly recent projects:

Mountain Software

Ian Knox of Mountain Software who contracted me to introduce a new bespoke software development methodology across the group of 4 branches and to personally manage the development of the offshore development team… That team reached a total of 140 developers working across the companies products.

Mountain Software Holdings was sold to CSG which then rolled into IRIS.


Cassium and the Cosgraves

The Cosgrave brothers (Paul and Ciaran) who together with Rolf Josefsohn created Cassium Technologies.

Cassium took on funding from Bamboo and Close Brothers and needed strong project management in place. I joined the team at the highest level.

My responsibilities had no bounds within the Cassium venture where I interfaced with all clients and the funding VC’s whilst at the same time lead the team of developers (on and offshore) and personally coded complex systems configuration solutions for Barclays bank as they rolled out 27,000 workstations across the globe and worked on projects for BT, Virgin. Several offshore projects took me to Europe, Russia and India.

My key role was the integration of sales and software creation and delivery processes working with clients such as British Telecom, Barclays Capital, Abbey National, Virgin Group and the European Patent office.

Cassium was ultimately sold to Netstore Plc.

I’d had had some dealing with Netstore being friends and business colleagues with one of the founding investors.

I engaged with Netstore for a short time ensuring that the transition of control from Cassium to Netstore Plc was planned and structured.

I was well suited for this at every level, not least of which, was my ability to fly in my personal plane from one end of the UK to the other without the delays of commercial airlines.

Neil Lloyd of Netstore Plc asked me to work closely with the transition team which I did whilst also managing Cassium’s sister company Freedom 2000 and taking up the role of CEO in NSA solutions.

It was a busy time for sure 🙂 and I loved every minute

There are many such examples ISA solutions, FCG Bangalore, Synergy Software and JCB Special products

Both I and KOI have more history shown on the specific about me and about klick on it pages.

Once again I thank you for for visiting my site and hope I have or will help you in some way

Take time to take care of you and those around you!