WordPress Plugin Development

Custom Plugin Development

If you need a WordPress plugin that performs very minor tasks on a WordPress site or one that provides an entire suite of highly refined features, such as e-commerce or membership systems you’re in the right place.


All work follows a detailed coding standard to ensure only the highest quality products and services are delivered. You can count on maintainable code that fulfils your requirements.

Comprehensive Build Process

Once the initial idea is communicated a plain English description is created  so you know exactly what you’ll receive when the project is over. If appropriate a proof of concept of other demo may be produced followed by main coding and testing.


With over 40 years in IT you can be sure of expert delivery of your project.

Custom WordPress plugin development is a key focus and a great deal of time is devoted to honing this craft so your plugin can be produced quickly and efficiently.

Takeover and Maintenance Service

Is your website dependant on a WordPress plugin that is no longer being supported by the original developer?

Do you need a feature in a plugin that is not being developed by the original developer?

The “Takeover and Maintenance Service” can help and will ensure you can safely use the plugin going forwards.

When a plugin is taken on a number of key tasks are undertaken:

Fix any compatibility issues
Remove reliance on deprecated WordPress functions
Align the code with the Plugin Directory’s developer guidelines
Security review
Ongoing support to test the plugin compatibility with each new versions of WordPress