User Activity Logger

Ensure you know who is logging into your site.
Make your site safer today



Increase Security today with User Activity Logger

Hacking and general un-authorised access to your site can ruin your day thats for sure…
That’s why you need User Activity Logger, the single plugin that tracks who logs into your site
User Activity Logger will keep you posted on who is in there … no matter day or night.

Why Choose User Activity Logger?

Easy and Seamless

User Activity Logger is easy to use integrates right into the WordPress dashboard as if it were part of WordPress.

Architecture and Performance

Backed by out modern extensible templated architecture it’s clear for all to see that User Activity Logger brings modern day design structures to the table. User Activity Logger was created from the ground up to be scalable, robust and reliable.

Modern and Progressive

User Activity Logger is always-improving adding better security. The aim is to release new features and enhancement the plugin suite as often as possible. Development constantly iterates bring you a smarter, more reliable, extended or enhanced plugin with every new release.
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What Does User Activity Logger Do?

Login Tracking

Tracks and reports every login to your WordPress site.

Logout Tracking

Tracks and reports every login to your WordPress site.


User Activity Logger records all login and logout activity on your WordPress site right in your email inbox…

Enhancements planned for the future

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Additional Activity

Additional Activity tracking. From it’s humble beginnings User Activity Logger simply tracks user login and logout activity. Later versions incorporate tracking and logger of page creation and modification, user management tasks, changes to configuration etc.

Logging Solutions

Recording user activity in the system log and keeping you informed by email is only the start. Additional logging platforms such as slack, database and other data logging options are available in some releases.

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