Coaching and Training 

I help Freelance developers, web professionals and online entrepreneurs improve their craft, get clients, start and build their business and increase the number, and size. of their income streams.

My coaching and training has helped thousands all over the world !

Freelance Developers Enquiry

  • Tell me more about your current experience in software development

solopreneur Enquiry

  • Tell me more about your current present or proposed project as a solo-presure
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Freelance Developers

I’ll help you with:

Daily actionable tasks and challenges
Define or narrow your niche
Starting from scratch (if needed)
Where to find your first paying clients
How to increase your rates
Tools & resources

Online Entrepreneurs & Solopreneurs

I’ll help you with:

Daily actionable tasks and challenges
Define or narrow your niche
Finding traffic
Beginner and Startup from scratch (if needed)
How to make your first $1 or first $10,000
How to segment and multiple you income streams
Tools & resources

Getting Started

My Getting Started packages were created to help create a customised action plan around you and your goals.

I know we are all different and one package or even a selection of packages cannot work for every one.

This deep dive question and answer process linked with my strategic business planning session, plus a One 2 One call, is just guaranteed to move you forwards whatever your present situation (Kick Start Pro valued at $89 included FREE!)

Kickstart Pro

Are you new to the world on online business ? No problem here.

With this package, I’ll personally walk you through all the start up tasks… step-by-step and click-by-click.

My aim here is that your build a clear plan and leverage your time effectvly in terms of educational progression and business launch and growth tasks.

My sessions are typically you look over my shoulder and follow each step as I hold your hand and share how to structure and docuemnt your business requirements and personal tasks  or I look over your shoulder pointing you in the right direction. I’ll introduce to the very business tools I use in my business and for my development.

Once you have completed the klickstart package you’ll have created your very own sophisticated business structure and have a plan of action for the next 3-12 months.

You business system will incorporate your own website and marketing approach/funnel…

Depending on your choice you may then be accountable to me as your coach or any other coach you select as we drive you business forwards over the coming months

Advanced Coaching

After the startup sessions and kick start pro the excitement really begins as you progress you skills and focus on the next steps in your business.

We’ll look at progressively building great relationships with clients and suppliers and learning the skills you need.

You need to know what the best strategies are in your business … you and your coach will explore these together as part of your customised advanced coaching package.

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