New Install Setup (Coming Soon)

A new install of WordPress includes a number of repeating tasks. New Install Setup automates many of the routine tasks you need to complete for each install. A great time saver.



Increase you efficiency and reduce your WordPress deployment time

Installation of WordPress is not hard and the changing you normal settings is not a challenge
but it does take time and its the same over and over in many case
WP New Installation Setup makes that a breeze

Why Choose New Installation Setup?

Easy and Seamless

Ease of use integrating right into the WordPress dashboard as if it were part of WordPress.

Architecture and Performance

Backed by our modern extensible templated architecture bringing modern day design structures to the table. Created from the ground up to be scalable, robust and reliable.

Modern and Progressive

Always-improving adding more and better features. The aim is to release new features and enhancement the plugin suite as often as possible. Development constantly iterates bring you a smarter, more reliable, extended or enhanced plugin with every new release.
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What Does WP New Installation Setup Do?

Download Free here(coming soon)

Saves Time

When you install WordPress there are settings and configurations which you spend time updating for every installation. The time is reduced with the use of WP New Install Setup

Increased Consistency

Automation bring consistency. All your sites can now be automatically configured to be the same which eases maintenance and increases reliability

Reduces Frustration

Wasted time and inconstant configurations across your WordPress sites can be frustrating. Wp New Installation Setup can help.

Enhancements planned for the future

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Standard plugins and Themes

At the start of every installation many admins install a certain set of plugins and themes. In the future this task may be automated with WP New Install setup.

Multiple standard setups

If you have several standard installations for different uses or clients then this enhancement will allow you to select which of your standard options to  include when you install.

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