WP 404 Page Management

Stops page not found issues by redirecting all 404 (Not Found) errors to a page of your choice for a better visitor experience.



Better visitor experience

It’s not important why the user arrives at a URL that is not available, perhaps its because
you deleted the page or they mis-typed the url
What’s important is what happens next… With 404 Page manager installed your in control
You can have the user directed to the home page or to any page of your choice..now thats better for sure

Why Choose 404 Page Manager?

Easy and Seamless

Easy to use integrating right into the WordPress dashboard as if it were part of WordPress.

Architecture and Performance

Backed by our modern extensible templated architecture bringing modern day design structures to the table. Created from the ground up to be scalable, robust and reliable.

Modern and Progressive

Always-improving adding better features all the time. The aim is to release new features and enhancement the plugin suite as often as possible. Development constantly iterates bring you a smarter, more reliable, extended or enhanced plugin with every new release.
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What Does 404 Page Manager Do?


When someone visits your site you want to be in control of their experience. 404 Page Manager helps you control what visitors see when they visit a none existing url on your domain.


I know that directing to a home page is not what everyone wants to you decide where the visitors is directed to…

Happy visitors

404 page errors often result is a rapid exit by the visitor. With 404 Page Manager the visitor is swiftly and seamlessly transitioned to a url that will help to deliver the content you want.

Enhancements planned for the future

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Having your visitors taken care of is important. I aim to enhance 404 Page Manager to provide reports on where your 404 page errors are coming from and therefore help you resolve issues within your page structure or marketing efforts.

More Flexibility

We will have options to redirect on specific times and dates or perhaps depending on the source of the visitor. More flexibility means more control and happier visitors on your site.

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