Here are some common questions at Klick On It.

Getting Started

What is Klick On It?

Klick On It was initially created to provide service and support to local businesses in Lincolnshire UK.

Over the years that has changed a great deal

At its core, Klick On It now offers development, training and support services to over 3000 organizations and individuals worldwide.

Klick On It offers provision, support, and training services across all things in hybrid app development, WordPress and online services…

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What support do I provide?

I offer 3 levels of support

– Free support – This is offered through these FAQ’s and by attending to questions sent via the contact us form on the site

– Premium support – You can purchase premium support for any aspect of the services and products I provide

– Client support – Any paying client will receive support in line with the service/product provisioning contract

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Launch, Exit and Change Management coaching and training

Over the years I’ve been involved in many startups, exits and mergers.. the experience gained whilst managing these processes when coupled with academic study in technology and business places in the idea position to help you in any



Change Management

I can offer a full consultancy package or simple coaching and training at whatever level of contribution is needed

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