Klick on it Services

Klick on it provides a host of technology and business services from simple software development to global business change management which may or may not be linked to software development or IT solution in general.

Our Services

App Development

Cross platform app development
See sample product Quoter (Amazon, meets Ebay, meets Uber)

WordPress Development

Klick on it develops and supports many WordPress sites as well as WordPress plugins both available as a free version on or as premium or premium only versions.
Story Starter
User Activity Logger
Statistics and Analytics
Configuration and Status
Advance Plugin Search
New Install Setup
WP Reset
Cron Viewer and Manager
Short Links and Traffic
404 Page Management
My Own Shortcodes
and support the open source develop community with the provision of a free template project here

WordPress Services

Klick on it provides site design, creation, deployment, hosting and management service for all things WordPress.
If you have a broken site, a site idea, a need for a site change then get it touch

WordPress Developer Training

With a mass of software development experience stretching over 4 decades there is a wealth of things we can share.
Klick on it offer training in many area’s of software development from Apps, to WordPress plus and more.
If you need a trainer in house or online get it touch