Our training services started out with infrequent request from clients and others to help and advise or guide on all kinds of projects.

Individuals came from all area’s of the software industry … developers, team leads, project and program managers and in some cased Directors and CEO’s

Perhaps the most typical scenario would have been a project would be completed and handed to the client or the clients support. During the hand over or shortly after a need for skills or experience not present in the client resource pool surfaced.

What came out of this is firstly the service, support and maintenance services that we now offer (this removes the need for training as we do it all) and second out formal training solutions

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We offer training in many formats to suit your needs or the needs of your team

Why Choose User Activity Logger?

Individuals (One to One)

If you want one to one help on your project this is for you
You will get a dedicated trainer to help you with you learnings no matter what level you are.
If you’re using a trial project to learn the ropes then the trainer will guide you each step of the way
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Group (Bespoke for your team)

Klick on it can offer bespoke training solutions for your team.
If you have 3 or more people in your team and need additional skills then this is the solution for you. We will consider the individuals in the team and their needs along with their current workload and build a training solution to make they team more productive and effective.
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Group (Scheduled)

We offer ongoing training as scheduled classes
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Individuals (Automated)

Automated training is provided by video and ebook form.
You can request access to courses at any time
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WordPress Developer

This training is aimed at those wanting to build WordPress plugins and theme and/or to contribute to the WordPress core.
Want to know more about how PHP, MySql, AJAX, Javascrip, CSS etc all integrate with WordPress to delivery an awsome user experience.
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Individuals (One to One)
Individuals (Automated)
Tailored Group course (for your team)
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Mobile App Developer

We offer 2 types of mobile app training
Hybrid Development with Ionic and native app with B4A
We offer training for the complete beginner to mid level and advanced developers
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Hybrid App Development

Online Marketing

Do you have a websites or other web property that needs more traffic and better conversions
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WordPress Admin

WordPress administration can be complex and with new features and other changes in terms of hosting and general management happening all the time our WorePress administration training can take you from novice to expert
If you’re already experienced but just need some training on a specific area (network sites, or some other more complex deployment scenario get in touch)
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Project Management

As projects get more complex and teams get larger it’t important to have a project management methodology.
We at Klick on it use our own in-house variant of of scrum which has a great segmentation of tasks and responsibilities on a water theme. This process is used by many teams around the world. In addition to “Splash” we offer training in other aspects of project management
Prince II
Rational Unified Process
Team Management
Offshore Project Management
Offshore Team building
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Online Business/Entrepreneurial

Regardless of your business type, structure or size … If you’re an entrepreneur then you need online presence.
You need web properties to help your personal brand and your business brand and you may need a formal store front out there on the web.
What ever you need in terms of online marketing and online entrepreneurial training Klick on it can help
Most training in this area is on a one 2 one basis
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