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Build Better Plugins Faster
Leverage the Plugin Template Project

Starting from ground zero with every build is not practical
With the Plugin Template Project from Klick on IT there is now a great starter platform
Want to get started… take one of the tutorials and start to engage with the plugin code
You’ll be up and running and branching to your own plugin in no time

Why Choose The Plugin Template Project?



PTP was designed to be simple to get started without the limitation of restricted growth

You can get started right away with one of the ever growing list of tutorials knowing that the basis of you project is both robust and scaleable

Architecture and Performance


All our plugin’s start life based in the code right here in the plugin template project. Its a modern extensible templated architecture using great design structures.

The Plugin Template Project is not released on but many of our project and the projects of our members which follow the same principles are used by users around the world.



PTP is set to become a standard and you will find great support from the team here at Klick on it and the ever growing community using the PTP around the world.

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What Does The Plugin Template Project Do?

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Starting Point

Provides a great starting platform for that new plugin concept you have been thinking of…



It you need a new feature then there is perhaps a module or tutorial showing you just how to do that in the teaching section.

Check it out here


Notices, Logging, Ajax and more

PTP bring support for major functionality needed in every plugin

As the projct grows there will be more modules and tutorials making the creation of your new plugin like building blocks …

Select a module or tutorial and plug it into the template for additional functionality and new features.

Enhancements planned for the future

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The future will bring many new modules which are ready made to fit right into the template

Cut and paste the code, integrate into your design and benefit from new features and functionality the module brings



Sometimes its nice to get to know the code and be able to customise at a finer granularity than is available from a module that you cut and paste code.

To cover this base some enhancements are delivered as tutorials explaining how to build and integrate the new features and function into the template.

You become the expert in your code using our tutorials